Monday, February 1, 2010

Parents Pay Day

Today was one of those days that makes all the hard days worth it!
The following happened..
  • Camden helped pick up his room without arguing.
  • Haley decides on her own to organize the toy bins.
  • Brenley was more than happy to organize the girls hair drawers.
But the best one of all is Brenley's prayer story.   Brenley had misplaced her DS.  She was worried about it.  Today she informed us that last night she prayed to Heavenly Father asking Him to help her find her DS.  Today while hanging up a dress that should have been hung up yesterday she noticed her DS box and felt that she should check it.   She did and to her surprise her DS was in it.   She let us know that she knows Heavenly Father heard and answered her prayer.     I was bursting inside after she shared this story!!!    Proof that my daughter has Faith and a budding testimony!  
To top the day off we held Family Home Evening tonight and it went well...Camden did his usual wiggle dance during the entire lesson BUT my girls listened and hopfully they learned something.   What I do know is that it felt so felt like it was clicking and if I could have a picture of the way it felt it would be one I would blow up big and hang in a beautiful frame!   It felt so good to be together...teaching and learning together! I am so thankful for family, for the inspired program that is Family Home Evening and I am so thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!   
Today was a huge emotional payday!

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Todd, Liz and Sydney said...

Yay I love moments like this. I am so happy for you!!!