Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have you thought about foster to adopt lately???

Here are some interesting facts....
You may be surprised to learn that approximately 30,000 newborns are adopted domestically each year. About half of these adoptions are facilitated by adoption agencies. The other half are completed with the assistance of adoption attorneys. 
Average total cost:  $27,000 – $35,000 (varies widely)

 (Adoption out of Foster Care) 
The number held steady around 51,000 from 2002 to 2007, then shot up to 55,000 in 2008. 
Profile of Children:  Average age 6 
Average total cost:  $0 - $10,000; 89% receive ongoing subsidies

Adoptive Families, April 20102010 Adoption Options, pg. 29, Kay Marner

I thought these stats were rather interesting.
One big bonus to going through foster care to adopt is the cost.
We paid a big fat ZERO to adopt Spencer.
Actually....the state paid us to take care of him while he was still considered a "foster child".

Are you scared to be a foster parent?
Are you afraid letting go will be too much for your or your family?
I was too...but then I did it.
It was hard to let go...REALLY HARD!
But I would do it again because the rewards were greater than the pain.
And in the end....we got what we were praying for...
and now he has what he needs....a FAMILY!!!

Don't let fear stop you from creating your family.
For information on becoming a Utah Foster/Adoptive Family.
If you don't live in Utah check out these links.
Indiana FC -
Kansas - In the state of Kansas, foster care is privatized. This means that, typically, when a child comes into state custody, the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services   (SRS) will have a private agency handle the case with the SRS overseeing it.
Rhode Island FC -
thanks Heidi...for the links!


Unknown said...

holy cow Brenda he is SOOO handsome! I LOVE his eyes! i don't think I have ever seen a baby with longer eye lashes!! so handsome!!

thanks for all this info too btw! :)

From the Stork; An adoption Journey said...

Thanks for the websites. We are fostering to adopt and not sure if u follow my blog but we had and issue were the social workers for CPS workers are lying to us about what the children so we will take them it is really frustration and it makes me scared to do it again. But thanks for the input

Christine said...

Way to go, Brenda, posting all those links! Now no one has an excuse. :) We have looked into it, and have inquired about a couple of kids... we'll see if anything happens!