Thursday, May 20, 2010

Easter 2010

I am way behind on recording some family fun.
This was Easter at our house this year.
Spencer's 1st Easter.
Spencer loved the basket of toys.  I made crayon rolls for all my kids...even my baby just so he would have one when he gets bigger.  

The "big" kids enjoyed coloring eggs the night before Easter.  Brenley took charge and really didn't need our help.  It was kind of strange to see how things have changed.
I am not sure what happened to pictures of my kids with their baskets but I must have been slacker mom.

I made Spencer's basket out of a cute stuffed bunny we already had.  It was actually Brenley's first Easter bunny...she was excited to give it to Spencer.
I followed this tutorial from Crazi Beautiful blog.  
The mastermind behind the patter is Amy from The Idea Room.  The blog I can't live without.
I am still learning how to sew but overall it turned out really cute.
Spencer didn't mind my mistakes.

My favorite part of Easter this year was the Family Home Evening lesson earlier in the week.   We used this little color and cut project to help the kids remember the story.   Camden especially enjoyed this and still tells the story of Easter to us with his little teaching aid.