Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Family Fun: Princess Festival

Long ago in a far away land there lived a little girl who dreamed of becoming Princess Aurora.  The little girl spent her days actively engaged in her imaginary land called "the kingdom".   She would sing aloud danced around with bare feet, a basket on her arm and a towel over her head  pretending it was long beautiful flowing hair.  This little girl enjoyed her make believe and grew to be a Mother who still likes make believe and princesses.   :)  So when this Mother walked into the Princess Festival with all 4 of her kids she realized she had been born to early.    She would have LOVED attending a festival like this when she was that little dreaming girl. was a great day!!! Brenley and Haley loved every minute of it and Camden was even able to get in on some of the fun.  If you live in Utah and haven't been to this fun adventure.....set aside time next summer to go and enjoy.

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