Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{Creating Life} Dinner Talk

Life has been so busy lately.  My kids started school and I have been gettting a handle on a rountine.  
One of my goals as this new school year started is to have more dinner as a family at the table.  We have gotten so lax over the summer.  I miss having dinner at the table with the tv off.  
In the September Ensign magazine I found a tiny little article titled "Dinnertime - A Learning Time".  I was an idea shared by Serena Gedlaman from Canada.   She keeps teaching aids handy to use as a conversation piece at the dinner table.   I decided I really liked this idea so I am incorporating it in our family.    Our first dinner using this idea I sat out an easel and placed the Faith in God booklet on it.  The kids wanted to know what we were doing...their interest was peaked and that made it more fun!   After dinner was on our plates and the blessing had been asked I introduced the new idea.  Since Brenley needs to pass off her Articles of Faith for her Faith in God award I decided we would talk about the 3rd Article of Faith and have all of us memorize it.  By the end of dinner Brenley (and a few others) had the article memorized. 
But the best part was it brought a great feeling to dinner!  
I am excited to continue to use this sweet idea!  

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Erin said...

Awesome idea! I need to bring down her charm.