Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Count!

I have had this thought running through my brain for a few months now.   It started as my health went through a wacky time last fall.   It took a while to get answers to the problems but once I was told my health was suffering because of stress I realized that all of those years of grieving infertility, struggling to build a family, adoption loss and everything else along the way had made unseen marks on my physical body.  I knew they had made their marks on my emotional side....this was the side I took care of and was blessed with incredible healing.   I didn't realize I should have been paying some attention to my actual body.   Almost 16 years has gone by since we started our journey to bring children to our family  and WOW....stress has done a number on me!   Since last fall I have gained over 35 pounds....this on top of being about 60 pounds overweight.  You do the math and you can see as I do it is time to take action.    For a few months I have been reminded over and over again that I Count!  I need to take care of myself so I can care for others.   Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually I need to take time to nourish and strengthen myself.   I know if I do I will be better and do better in every aspect of my life.  
So today I start counting.  
I will be Counting:  
Miles I ride on my bike (since I am not allowed my first exercise love....running), 
days that I stick with my goals, 
veggies and fruit that I eat each day, 
waters I drink and
the time to make sure I am not eating too late in the evening. 
But that isn't all...I will be counting 
verses I read during my personal scripture study, 
minutes my kids can sit still as I read scriptures with them,
time I take sitting and listening to my children speak their hearts,
books I read that lift me up and keep me thinking and 
dates I have with Brad to keep our spark and friendship alive!  
I am sure there will be more I will be counting....but overall I will be counting my blessings as I move through the countdown call life.  
I hope you will join me...after all YOU Count too!

My goals this week are small:
1.  Drink lots of water (and since I am no longer drinking diet coke with caffeine this is do able)
2.  Bike everyday except Sunday.
3.  No food after 7pm.

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Christine said...

You do count!! Good luck and those all sound like fantastic goals!! You'll be in my prayers. :)