Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Family Fun: Fall is here!

Haley was the "Queen Bee" of her class last week.  Each day she got to share something special to her.  She chose to share her favorite Barbie book one day, her favorite bear "baboo" as he is called (Funshine Bear) another day and she got to take a poster to school that had pictures of her, her family and her favorite things.  At the end of the week she took a treat to share.
We love our Queen Bee!

 Last weekend our school helped families kick off the fall season by having a fall carnival.  My kids had a pretty good time!  Camden loved it all, Brenley enjoyed it but got bored pretty fast, Haley decided to take the challenge and climb the rock wall and Spencer was just happy to watch it all!
 hmm...not sure what the deal is with the picture.  sorry.

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