Monday, November 22, 2010

Matching Mondays

It's not too late to help a child in Foster Care have a Merry Christmas!


Preston age 14.

Eastern Europe
This situation was emailed to me by Lindsey from therhouse.   One of her readers read about Sam and wanted to help spread the word about him.    He will touch your heart!!!!   Please read about him and share his information with others. 
You can also read about him here.

Brian needs an LDS family!

Info from Agency Flier
Daily Activities:
Brian is a very loving and caring boy…………………….
He wants to please people. He loves to write stories and draw
pictures. He is in the 3rd grade this year. His grades are very
good, straight “A”s and at his grade level in every subject. At
parent /teacher conference his teacher told his family that he gets
along with the students and finds that he is a very happy and
loving boy. He is a little too outspoken in class but not disruptive.
He wants to give all of the answers.
He does well playing and living with younger children.
Brian is in Cub Scouts and loves to go each week.
He is baptized LDS and loves to go to church on Sunday and
participates in primary. His family would like an LDS family for
his forever family………………..
Brian has a nervous system disorder that can seem like he has symptoms of ADD, OCD,
DD and even Autism. He is very active. Brian plays with Logos, like to play act, write, draw,
sing in the bath and talk, and talk and talk! …………………………
Brian is scared of many things, especially bugs, but this is improving. He can be very
stubborn. He can cry that can escalate to loud wailing.
Brian has trouble some with rules, especially ones he does not understand. Brian’s eating
needs to be watched, because he will eat way too much making himself sick.
Legal Issues:
Brian has been in a guardianship placement for several years and the family is no longer
able to care for this child.
A termination of parental rights will need to be filed to legally free him for adoption. He is not
a court ward so this would be a private legal action paid by the adoptive family.
If you are an LDS family and would like to consider this young man please contact our
agency via e mail. Thank you for considering this child.
Polly Thomas, ACSW, LCSW
5331 W. Morgan Place
Chandler, Arizona 85226-8613
Telephone: 480-730-5111
Fax: 480-491-2589
(I will post the picture of him as soon as I can figure out how to get it off the pdf flier.  :)

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