Monday, January 3, 2011

Matching Mondays

Happy 2011!
I love the beginning of a year because I love a fresh start.  I have been thinking about adoption, foster care and waiting children over the holidays.  I wonder which of the waiting children will be blessed with a fresh start in a family who will love them forever.   Which waiting children will be adopted by parents who will look past their quirks, difficult behaviors and maybe even some sassyness and see the real person inside who needs to be loved.
If you are thinking about looking into adoption....make 2011 your year.   Start this week and take those first steps.   Sometimes things looks really scary from one perspective but as you change the place from where you are looking your perspective begins to change. 
I hope you have a life changing perspective this year. 
I hope the children who are waiting for hearts and perspectives to change get a change of their own....a family to call "home".

I have an incredible friend named Heidi.  
She is lots of fun and we have many laughs when we get together. 
Heidi and her hubby, Tim are amazing people and I learn so much from them.   I wanted to start the year off by sharing this little clip. 
There is a "Matching Mondays" story along with part of what you will see in this clip but I will wait for Heidi to share it with you.  (Coming soon on Matching Mondays).  What you won't see in this clip is that Tim and Heidi have recently added 3 new cuties to their family through foster care and it looks like they might be added to the Naylor bunch for good. 

Jamie T. age 15.

Trevor age 17.

There are just too many sweet kids and the numbers just seem to grow so today I wanted to feature their entire gallery.
Lane County Heart Gallery

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