Monday, February 14, 2011

Matching Mondays

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Do you have lots of love in your heart to share?
If you answer is yes then you are reading the right blog!  :)
Our family is BIG on being proactive.
All of our adoptions came about because we opened our mouths, put ourselves out there, tried things no one else had done (yet) and we put our fear on the back burner. 
We did what we could do and then God did the rest.
There are lots of little ones that need love, parents...a family.
Please consider the following children.
Please pass their information along to others.
I have had this little girl on my mind for and while and this week I have felt pretty strongly that she needs to be featured today.  
Please take time to read about her.  Search your heart.  Pray about her and for her. 
She is a survivor!
She deserves amazing parents!
Could that be you?

Karen age 8.
You can read here a news article about Karen and the challenges and abuse she has overcome!
(please read this article!)

Other situations to consider.
Makes me want to adopt them all!
Darling 3 year old boy in Nevada.
1 year old baby girl in California
Sweet Siblings Sisters ages 5,3 &1 in California.
Cute 2 year old boy in California.
Oregon Heart Gallery
Alabama Heart Gallery
Spence-Chapin Babies

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