Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Mother Needs Help!

Lets just say today has been a day and leave it at that!
I posted this on my facebook page but then realized it was looking like a blog post so I decided to add it here.  I would appreciate any thoughts, advise etc.
I have "Mom is overwhelmed" syndrome today.  :)
I need ideas on the following:
1.  organizational ideas so I don't keep having junk drawers.
2.  What tactic (not sure if that is the word I really want to use) do you use to keep clutter from developing in your drawers, counters and cabinets?
3.  How do you decide what and when to throw away or give away?
4.  how do you handle toys?   I feel like we are starting to swim in toys again...but I have a hard time getting rid of them.  Help!
5.  Does anyone else feel like that stink at all of this?   Honestly...I  feel like a complete loser and it is getting to me. 
6.   I really really really need new scripture study ideas.   How do you study scriptures with your family???   (thanks to those who have already shared on this topic...just looking for more ideas to ponder).


Katrina said...

Hi Brenda, For scripture study we use Daily Devotional. It is free and comes everyday to my email and there is a scripture and a quote by one of the General Authorities that has to do with the topic. My older children can then go and study more on that topic and we discuss it the next night.

At midnight I will have a new post up about Finding Forever Families if you would please post a link to if from your site I would really appreciate it. I know that these children's parents are out there and they just need to see them to know they are part of their family.

Mostly Jessica said...

I've never had much of a problem throwing things out or giving them to DI. For toys, it amazes me how I can bag some up and put them in the basement for a while and when we bring them back to rotation - Zachary plays with them like they are brand new! It saves some of my sanity :)

Jessica said...

I am so glad you posted this! I too need some help in those areas so I'm hoping you get some good feedback here. As for the scripture study with kids... our family reads from Book of Mormon Stories as well as New Testament, Old Testament and D&C. If you aren't familiar with them, they're a simple version of the scriptures with pictures. I grew up reading from these and as our family got older, we transitioned to actual scriptures. It helped me better understand the scriptures as a child and love the stories as well as the messages they teach. Here's a link ...