Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Creating Life - Gag gift for Dad.

I love my Dad!
He has a great sense of humor and laughs out loud about many things...especially Camden-isms.
My Dad is truly a super hero!    I know he would do anything for me and my family...if he could he would move mountains to help his family.   
My Dad loves a person even when that person isn't so lovable. 
If you Dad loves a good joke like mine does here is a fun idea for Father's Day.

Present your Dad with his very own Super Dad cape along with a note that reads...
Caution:   This item is very powerful!   Use only in the case of fighting sever evil!

The cape I made was a gag gift for my Bishop for his Birthday.  
So the back has the letters SB for Super Bishop. 

I just used a random piece of fabric I had in a storage box.  
I cut a big rectangle for the cape and then a small rectangle to use as the neck piece.  I used ribbon for the tie.  To create the letters for the back I found a cute font on my computer and printed the letters off  as big as I wanted them to be on the cape.   I then pinned the paper to the fabric I wanted to use and then cut out the letters.   Then I just top stitched them onto the background fabric and then top stiched the background fabric to the cape.   It took about an hour and I was all finished!   
If you would like to just print off the tags I  made and used you can get them here.   They are super simple but do the trick.   I was short on time that day.  :)
Happy Sewing!

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