Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creating Life - Creative Gifting for hubbies who go to girls camp. :)

For the past few years Brad has volunteered to go to our ward girls camp as one of the Priesthood leaders.   This year isn't any different.   He has a great time helping with this camp and he is a good sport when it comes to being silly.   This year the Young Women's President asked the wives of the Priesthood leaders to put together a little gift for each day of camp.   They can be silly or serious.   I had a whole lot of fun with this project.  
This is what I did for Brad.

Break The Ice Gift
The tag says "Help "break the ice"..Bring out your inner Calvin. 
Brad is a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan so I thought he would get a laugh out of this.   I included a box of "Ice" gum and a bag of pretend spiders and a snake so he can play silly tricks on the girls.   :)
If you don't read Calvin and Hobbes just know Calvin is very mischievous. 

A Dozen Sweet Word Gift
Rather than give Brad a dozen roses...I created a dozen tags each with a word that reflect Brad. 
I then attached a candy bar that represents that word.
Here is a few pictures for an example.

After I finished the tags and attached the candy to the back of each tag I took 2 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper and glued/taped them together (this had to be travel proof so I had to use tape and I didn't have any two sided tape...that would have looked much better). Then I rolled them into a cone shape and taped it again.

"You Pop" Gift

Brad has a few nicknames.  Like B-Rad, "B", on his  LDS mission they called him Elder 'Rocks because of his last name.   When we started dating everyone called us the "BB's" because our names started with the same letter.   So Bumble Bee's became kind of our "symbol".   So I used that symbol and his "Rocks" nickname for this gift.   The tag says "B (using a bumble bee image) Rocks You really Pop!"  I then attached a bottle of soda pop, bottle caps candy, pop rocks and a ring pop.

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