Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camden heads to Kindergarten

Camden was up and dressed by 7:00 this morning anxious and ready to start his first day of school.
He wore his new red sports t-shirt and new jeans.   He looked like a big kid which makes him happy.
We got to School and Camden couldn't wait to play on the playground.   I took his picture and he was off making friends and having fun.   Once the bell rang I realized how large this Kindergarten class really was.   Thirty One 5 year old all lined up with nervous expressions.   All eyes were on these little cuties along with many camera lenses and hopeful and encouraging smiles being shared.  I think Kindergarten is as much of a milestone for the parents as it is for the children. 

I hugged Camden before he got in line and told him I loved him.    
Camden was excited and a little nervous but very ready to jump into this new adventure. He quickly got in line and was ready to start this day.    I really didn't think I would get super emotional today since this was my 3rd child to enter school but I was really wrong.   Watching Camden walk into his classroom was emotional.   My little boy who has been full of energy  and fun and also the test on my patience was no longer a toddler or a preschooler....he was a big boy ready to be away from me for a while each day.   In that moment I realized how much I will miss him and all of his funny little ways.   I realized how much I would give to get to do these 5 years again if I could and how I would do things a little differently.   I suddenly realized my little boy is growing up and there isn't anything I can do about it and then suddenly I felt the emotions of all of these things and I have had trouble keeping them at bay all day.

Camden is now home from his first day at school and is bursting with excitement because he got to bring home folders that include homework for him to do.   In his eyes he is finally like his sisters....BIG.   In my eyes he is my sweet little boy who can't wait to grow up, but thankfully  today he is just my little Kindergartner. It is my goal to soak up every moment of this special year...the last year he will be under my watchful eyes for the majority of the day.        

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Becky Jones said...

What a cutie. The beginning of school is difficult for me no matter how old they are. That's why I'm up at the school so much volunteering!