Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another week another lesson or two.

 I am not sure why exactly but September 2011 seems to be my month to learn some lessons.  I feel confident in saying that I am learning lessons all of the time it is just the lessons I am learning this month are so different in nature that I feel rather exhausted by it all.
I know I just blogged about seeing my own weakness....again today I was shown my weakness.
I forgot to do something I said I would do....not because I am lazy or wanted to cause problems or anything like that.  It has been a simple case of having my responsibility slip my mind completely.   As I look back over the past 2 weeks I understand how I forgot has been a busy, crazy and frustarting couple of weeks.  For those who follow my blog you know what I am speaking of.  I also spent all last week on my couch with blanket, pillow and lots of cold meds to try and feel better.   But even realizing the challenges I have had the past couple of weeks I am upset with  my forgetfulness...especially with something so important.   I strive to be someone who will always do what she says she will do...someone people can count on.   I am upset with myself for not meeting these goals.
So tonight I am trying figure out a way to let the people I have disappointed  know how sorry I am....and in the process try to find a way to let go and move forward and remember that it is ok to make mistakes.
I have to say sometimes it just doesn't' feel ok.

This is a random post that is really only on my blog to help me process my thoughts and feelings.   For those who know me you know this is an important part of dealing with emotions.   
I have to write them out.  :) 

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Leslie said...

Don't be too hard on yourself! We ALL make mistakes which should give everyone every reason to be understanding and forgiving in these instances.