Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sucker Making Fears Conquered!

There have been two skills/crafts I have always felt too intimidated to try.
Sucker Making.

I learned to sew in junior high and even made (almost finished) a dress for myself.   But then I stopped sewing and then it seemed too hard....I had the "Can't Do" attitude.   But I overcame that a couple of years ago.   You can see the bag that started my sewing addiction.

Brenley helped me get out of my sucker fears.   For her 6th grade class project she has to start a business.  She chose to have a sucker selling business.   Her big business presentation is tomorrow so today we are making suckers.   I am making a few batches and then Brenley will come home and learn how to do it.   I can't believe I have been afraid of this.  lol   What was I thinking???  This is so easy and yummy!!  But don't take my word for it....just ask the 2 year old in the picture! 
He was my taste tester!

If you have something you want to learn but it feels too scary.....try it today. 
Don't wait years like me!  :)
*Special thanks to Jean Horrocks (aka Mom Horrocks) for being my Sucker making 101 hotline.  :)


Becky Jones said...

Fantastic! I don't remember making suckers on my own but I have thought about it. They do look delicious!

Erin said...

Love to make suckers! They have really fun flavors at Gigis! Glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I think you should share your newfound sucker-making expertise. I have sucker molds... and no sucker-making skills!!! Haha.