Monday, May 14, 2012

Matching Mondays

This past week I was preparing a talk I was asked to give at church for Mother's Day.    My mind played through all of our  years of family building and what it means to me to have children in my home to raise and love.  I have thought of many friends who are hoping to get pregnant or adopt.   Waiting for the blessings to come is so difficult.    If you are looking to add a child to your family consider adopting a waiting child.....they are waiting for the blessing of someone like you to come into their life and their hearts!    Your heart will tell you if this is the right thing for you to do.   Be open to new ideas....and don't let fear be your roadblock to your blessings!


 Lynisha age 6.
Click on her name to learn more...or check out more of Utah's Waiting Children here.

Also check out what Mariel has been up to over at OrSoSheSays.   She has started a blog page that is dedicated to Adoption & Foster Care!  Mariel has a great list of resources for those who would like to learn more about adoption and foster care.   I am excited to be part of those resources and equally excited to see Lindsey from therhouse featured on the main page of Mariel's blog.   Take a peek at Lindsey's post here.  Lindsey helps me promote waiting children by posting the Matching Mondays post on her blog.  Just one peek at her blog will tell you why her support is such a great blessing!  Thank you Lindsey for sticking with me!  :)  

You can view the Adoption & Foster Care page sponsored by OrSoSheSays by going here.

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