Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fire way too close to home!

Thursday afternoon as I was on my way home from our local Cheveron (or "Thirsty Store" as my family calls it) I noticed smoke coming from an area of our mountains which were not particually close to my home.   I felt concern but we see lots of fires and I hoped it would be put out as quickly as the rest have been.     A while later as I went outside I smelled smoke and saw smoke coming from our mountains by our home.    It got worse and worse as the day moved forward.   We started to wonder if we would be evacuated.

   We didn't get much sleep that night but we did get this freakishly huge moth.   The container Brad is holding it in is one of those "I can't believe it's not butter!" from Costco.  I think we may see a few new or larger creatures coming down from the mountain after fleeing the fire.  As long as I don't see huge spiders, snakes or mountain lions I am okay with the visitors.  ;)  

By 4AM Friday I was able to sleep.   I woke up the next morning to the scene below.   There was talk of evacuations and then there were evacuations.   The winds shifted so it kept us out of danger but we were on alert in case the winds changed again.   If they changed again we would have to go.
The picture below is from my front yard.

This picture (below) was taken from my back yard.

Today our mountain is black but the fire is pretty much out on our side of the mountain.   I see one hot spot tonight and hopefully that will be gone soon.

It has been a crazy few days.  I feel bad for all the people who did have to leave their homes and for all the fire fighters but we are all so thankful no one was hurt and no homes were burned.
In Utah yesterday there were fires happening in many other is a big fire and it is burning tonight as I type this.    Our fire is still burning in some areas but I not on our side of the mountain and  not close to homes....thankfully.
Big THANK YOU to all the wonderful men and women who worked so hard to protect life and property!!!!    
Awesome Job!
And a bigger THANK YOU to God for His watchful care!!!

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