Thursday, August 23, 2012

KSL has heart! Great Job!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for Adoption in Utah!
I was so impressed with their coverage and all the extras they put in the entire day!
Thank You KSL for caring about Utah's Waiting Children and for promoting a positive view of adoption!
Total Raised  $48,795

I had the fun opportunity to talk adoption on KSL's noon news along with fellow adoption bloggers and friends, Christine Anderson and Birth Mother Baskets Founder and President Gina Crotts.   What fun it was to see Scott Haws in person and see what everything looks like behind the camera!   My favorite part was seeing the newsroom....seriously that is awesome to me!  If you don't know me very well let me just tell you that I LOVE news...I could have news going on my tv all day if I had satellite.  :)  So seeing all those little cubicles together...totally awesome for me!  (weird I know).   I also got to see a friend of mine, Amy Iverson.  We grew up only a few houses from one another.   She is an amazing person on the air and off.   I also got to visit with my cute friends from the Utah Adoption Exchange.  Kathy Searle and Lindsay Kaeding and all the staff work so hard to help Utah's children.  
Job well done you guys!!!!

Thanks to you for supporting adoption and supporting me!
You guys are awesome!

To see our family's clip on  KSL Studio 5  go here.

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Que and Brittany's Adoption Journey said...

It was a great clip, I loved it! You guys are awesome!