Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Summer Shocker!

It has been almost 1 month since  my last post.   July and the beginning of August is always the busiest time for our family.   I am glad to be back to blogging.   I have lots to chat with you about!  But the first on the list deals with this cute (but blurry *sorry*) picture of my Brenley and Spencer.....the Engine and the Caboose of the family.   
This picture was taken tonight at a special event we NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS believed would really happen.  
 Brad's older brother Craig got married today!   
He was the self proclaimed forever bachelor always saying he would never grow up and never get married.   Craig is hardworking, smart, fun and got a great education.  He also happens to be fantastic with kids...we always knew he was a great catch.   
In January of this year we don't know what happened but he started online dating...and then he met HER.
Veronica changed Craig's way of thinking!  
So tonight we celebrated their union and I snapped this picture with my phone.  
 I have the professional pictures coming soon but I just had to share our happy news.    

Spencer couldn't get enough of the dance floor tonight.   He kept asking me to dance.  He melts my heart!

For whatever reason the fact that my children came to our home through adoption seemed to be a topic for many tonight.   I don't mind and always embrace the opportunity to talk adoption or teach about adoption.   
As we drove home from the reception center I was thinking of how blessed I am to have these four children in my life.    I turn 39 on Monday and I have had a negative opinion about being "almost 40".   Sometimes I look at my life and wonder what I have accomplished.   I have dreams yet to be fulfilled and sometimes I feel a little down about that.   But tonight I felt my eyes were opened to what I have accomplished.   
After so many years of building a family (it took 15 years to get everyone here) I realize Brad and I together with God's help and through the sacrifice made ny 4 incredible Birth Families...we have built something so beautiful!  
 I have every reason to celebrate life and the years I have lived. 
 So I will stop being negative and I will embrace my last year in being thirtysomething!

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