Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Child art made out of your child's favorite things.

I have a daughter who is a Littlest Pet Shop fan!
She plays with her little creatures everyday and even involves her brother and they have Pet Shop marathons.   This makes me love these cute tiny toys!  Any toy that brings siblings together in a positive way gets an A+ from me!

Since Haley is known for loving these toys she has been given all types of Littlest Pet Shop merchandise.   One item (her Littlest Pet Shop magnet set) has been much loved and used over the past few years but Haley has now kind of outgrown them.   Even though Haley doesn't play with them anymore she didn't want to give them away but I didn't want them hanging around.   So after thinking about it I though of a compromise we could both live with.   I decided to have Haley use them to make decorations for her room.  She has a Littlest Pet Shop bed set so having something she could use as decor in her room made from these cute animals would be perfect!

Here is what we did.
We chose an old frame and spray painted it white to go with her room.
Picked out some cute background paper.  We chose to use 12x12 green checkered paper but any paper would work including wrapping paper.
Our frame was bigger than 12x12 so we glued two sheets together  and glued it to a piece of cardboard to make it sturdy.
Then I let Haley create the piece of art using her favorite magnets and magnet background. She used stick glue to attach them to the background paper.

Once she was done we put it in the frame and it was ready to go in her room.
Haley loved doing this project.   She has decided to make more "pieces of art" for her room using the rest of her magnets.  

You could use other types of materials, that your child loves, to create art work for their room.  Paper dolls, stickers, pictures of family or friends, images from a favorite website (my little ones love PBS kids shows), material from a favorite blanket or frame your child's favorite play dishes.  
 The best part of this project is the joy the child feels creating something special for their own space.  

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