Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Favorite Halloween Treats.

It wasn't until I became a Mom that I fell in love with Halloween.  There is nothing like seeing a tiny toddler waddling his way to the neighbors house for a little trick or treat.  At that age they don't even know what they are going to get exactly, but after the first piece of candy and then the second piece is dropped into the little bucket the light bulb goes off and they become so excited about this new game.  I fell in love with Halloween in a whole new way on October 31, 2002 when I got a phone call that my little Haley was born!  Words cannot express the joy!   Halloween reminds me of that day and of the joy of parenthood!  I decided to walk down memory lane and share a few photos of my kiddos on this fun and special day!  
Happy Halloween!  
Brenley 2001 dressed as Pooh Bear as a Honey Bee.

Haley's first Halloween...her Birth Day.  This is her in the hospital with her sweet Birth Parents.

Camden 2006 with his Sweet Birth Mom who loved and nurtured him for 8 months before placing.  She is a special Mom.

Brenley and Haley 2006
Ashanti (our sweet Foster Baby) 2008 the beginning of our last 2 weeks with her.

Spencer 2009 my sweet little preemie. 

The whole gang 2010

Spencer as Mickey and Camden as a Cheetah 2011.  The girls ran off for candy before I could grab a picture.  :(

My Family now 2012.  My favorite treats!!  Love them so much!

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