Monday, November 19, 2012

Matching Mondays~ Search and Serve

This week I was reminded again that children need adults to act in their best interest.   My heart feels sick for sweet children who are neglected and abused.  There are children who need us our homes, in our neighborhoods and in our schools.   We don't have to have the title of "mother" to love a child or to serve them and help brighten their life.  Sometimes helping a child means helping their parent or parents.   Today when there are so many pressures on parents and money seems to get tighter all the time we need to watch for those who need a little love and a helping hand. 

The past couple of months I have had a great deal of stress pressing on me...I have become kind of mopy and have felt alone and yet I haven't done anything to change my situation.  I stay home and clean and do projects but never really leave unless there is a true need.   I have decided I need to take my own advice and I need to reach out and serve more.   So tomorrow I start...maybe it will be taking a goodie to a friend or sending a note in the mail or maybe someone I know needs a friend to talk to.  I don't know where I am needed and who may need me but I know I need to stretch out and share more of myself.   This "reminder" I have had this past week about children has also reminded me that I can and should do more.  Maybe you have felt like I have lately....if you have please join me in what I am calling my "Search & Serve" project. If you decide to do this as well I would love to hear how your experience goes.  
I don't think I can change the world but I know I can change myself.

Last Monday I featured the updated Utah Heart Gallery.   
Today I would like to feature the children who are 
new to the Utah Adoption Exchange.   
Please take a look at these sweeties and see if one of them is meant for you and please help spread the word by sharing their profile links.

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