Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Favorite Things This Christmas: Rolls

A couple of years ago I did a Christmas Countdown.  I wanted to do it again this year by listing my favorite things.  Hope you enjoy!
As I sit here and type my fingers keep going numb due to carpel tunnel.   It always acts up when I have used my hands for various things.   Apparently making breads and rolls  and all sorts of treats is included in the list of irritants to my tendons.  I have been baking and baking and baking this week.   I have also had two fires in my oven...big flames licking the oven walls making fun of me for having a dirty oven.   It has been an adventure I must say!
I wanted to share with you the one recipe I have used for 3 different types of breads this week.   I LOVE this recipe and it has become my new favorite for making rolls as well as other things.   I love the Lion House rolls...but this recipe is so much easier and makes so many rolls.
It is a lay bakers dream!!!!

I want to thank Mariel over at Or So She Says for sharing this recipe on her blog.  

I also use the recipe to make this recipe for
Cheesy Garlic Pull Apart Bread also found on Mariel's blog.

And yet again I have been using this recipe to make cinnamon rolls and orange rolls.   I have never been a sweet rolls fan but these have won my heart and taste buds.
I used the same dough recipe for these little sweet babies but then...
Divided the dough in half.
Rolled it into a rectangle.
Spread about 1/4 cup of melted butter.
Sprinkled cinnamon over all the dough. 
Sprinkled 1 cup of brown sugar (little more or less...enough to cover all the dough) pat it down
then rolled the dough up and cut with thread.  
I just made a simple powdered sugar, vanilla and bit of milk type of glaze and spooned it on while the rolls were hot.
Then I later drizzled melted milk chocolate chips across each bun.
I don't think you can made cinnamon rolls the wrong way...whatever you like goes.  

*Note:  With both the Cheesy Garlic Bread and the Cinnamon rolls I cooked at a lower temp. 350 for about 15-19 minutes.   The first few times I made these two items I used the temp listed on the dinner roll recipe but found it didn't' work as well for the cheesy bread or the buns.   The dinner rolls I use the temp. and time listed on the recipe and it works perfectly!

So if you are looking for a great roll recipe to use this week....look no further!
Five Days until Christmas....did you remember the stocking stuffers?


quailene said...

I don't see a link or specific recipe for the cinnamon rolls. Do you have one?

SmallAdventures said...

Sorry...I sort of left that out didn't I. I have fixed that problem. I actually just made the cinnamon rolls myself. Hope what I added helps....any other questions feel free to ask. :) Merry Christmas!!!!