Friday, March 15, 2013

-40 by my 40th ~ Guest Blogger Becky Jones

Today I want to introduce you to my amazing friend, Becky!   She has an inspiring story.  You can read about her journey to health at her blog
Balancing the Scale.
I asked her if should would be a guest blogger once a month for our -40 by my 40th adventure.
She graciously agreed.
I am happy to report I am down 5 pounds....35 more to go for my goal.   How did you do this past week?
The lady that lost over 200 pounds. The one that runs half marathons.
The one that eats healthy and exercises religiously 5 days a week. She is toned, she looks healthy and fit. That was me…..until I let the things of life derail me.
Gladly I am not too far gone that 3 months of intense attention to proper eating and exercise will fix things. I cringe every day I go to put on clothes. 15-20 extra pounds really makes for a huge muffin top in your favorite jeans that fit just right at Christmas.
The question is, am I ready to change? AGAIN? Am I willing to let go of the unhealthy foods and the lazy body that doesn’t want to move? I am slowly working on this change. The food is still winning most hours of the day after 4pm. I have my started using my elliptical and treadmill again and it feels great to sweat. Little changes every day will help me to eventually reach my goal to be healthy.
I have decided that as much as the number on the scale reflects advancing toward my goal it is more important how I feel about my body. Right now I don’t like how I feel or look. I want to feel true to myself. I know what healthy feels like. To go out and breeze through 4 mile runs without effort, to eat right and not want the sweets, to slide easily into those favorite jeans and feel fantastic. I WANT THAT AGAIN! I REALLY DO! The question is…. Am I really ready to change my way of thinking and DO what is required? YES, I think so. Not too convincing is it? I still love food I have a food addiction. I am overeating terribly. I need to rely on my Savior and Heavenly Father more to remove this from me.
I know I can conquer this trail as I have in the past but it is hard. It requires a strength beyond that which I possess. I need heavenly help to achieve my goals. I must become humble and seek that help. I know that is the only way I will reach my goals.
I can do this hard thing.
I can BECOME who I want to be.
I can be ME!

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