Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FHE: Showing love for the Lord through Modest & Appropriate Dress

This week for *Family Home Evening (FHE) we talked about modesty and appropriate dress and behavior.
We decided to touch on this subject because we are getting new questions from our children about what they can and cannot wear to church.
Mom, can I wear my flip flops?
Mom, why can't I wear my leggings?
Dad, why do we wear ties to church?

The list could go on.
I am happy to say that most of the questions are just that....questions.
But there are some items that have been hard for my kids to accept....lets just say leg wear has been an issue.
As I was preparing the lesson for our family night I found this great talk titled
"Modesty Reverence for the Lord"
from Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

I LOVE this talk and I feel like he teaches using great examples that helps illustrate the point "Modesty is a gospel principle that applies to people of all cultures and ages."  "Modesty is fundamental to being worthy of the Spirit.   To be modest is to be humble, and being humble invites the Spirit to be with us."
Quotes taken from the text of Elder Hales talk.

We had a great discussion about what is Modest and what isn't and what is Appropriate and what isn't.   There is a time and place for modest casual apparel and a time and place for our "Sunday Best".
Elder Hales states
"When we know who we are - children of God - and understand that our outward appearance affects our inward spirituality and ultimately our behavior, we show respect for God, for ourselves, and for those around us by being modest in dress and behavior."
After our discussion we shared this clip.   The girls loved it and Camden even found some interest.  The girl that is potrayed in the clip, Charity, is a great example of exceptional youth of our day.

We closed our family home evening with dessert of course....Jello Poke Cake with pudding frosting.

The lesson was a hit!
This makes for a happy Mom!

*Family Home Evening is a once a week event where we gather  for a short lesson, games, a favorite movie or anything else we enjoy doing together.
Note:  If you have daughters working on their Faith in God or Personal Progress this FHE lesson works with "Learning and Living Gospel" section in the Faith in God booklet.  Works with Value Experience#1 in Integrity in the Personal Progress booklet.
For more information on ways to strengthen families visit Mormon.org/family

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Que and Brittany's Adoption Journey said...

I can't wait until the fad of leggings fades away. I am perplexed by the notion that many young women and adult women have that wearing leggings somehow makes an immodest skirt acceptable to wear. (Not that your kids do that, of course.)

Also, I just read that the Church doesn't want Sister Missionaries wearing leggings unless they are wearing them for warmth and they are worn as tights (and boots cover where the leggings end at the ankles... but I'm assuming that is just because it looks sloppy when the bottoms are visible.)

But anyway, what a wonderful FHE! You are awesome!