Thursday, April 11, 2013

-40 by my 40th ~ Dropping the Soda.

When I was growing up my parents rarely had soda in the house.   And when they did have soda it was Sprite or Root Beer.   I don't recall having it in the house on a regular basis.  I didn't really drink soda in high school unless I was out to lunch with friends and maybe a few at lunch at school.  I knew it wasn't good for me and I loved to be active and LOVED dancing so I tried to stay healthy.  Once I got into college I was even more diligent about soda...I rarely had one.  I would jog every day for
exercise and took dance classes at school and went country dancing about 2-3 times each week.   I was in great shape!  

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Dr. Pepper came into my life while we were trying to adopt a 3rd time.   Sometime during our hunt for our 3rd child I started to have my jaw lock up on me when I tried to eat.  Due to all the stress I was under with my many responsibilities (Mom to 2 awesome little girls, home/family duties, serving on the national board for Families Supporting Adoption and working in the Young Women's program in my church, etc).  I had to seek a specialists help and was also sent to physical therapy for 10 sessions.  The doctor gave me a strong muscle relaxer and it really did relax my muscles.   I was  a zombie the whole next day but I had to take them.   This is where Dr. Pepper came into my life on a regular basis.   It helped me stay awake so I could take care of my girls and all my responsibilities.  This is where my addiction to the taste of soda began.  I have struggled with the cravings pretty much ever since this time.   I am always on again/off again with my soda of choice Diet Cherry Coke.    I want to be someone who can just take it or leave it.  I enjoy having it when I go out for dinner or something but I don't want to feel like I "need" to have it.   I don't mean the caffeine...I am talking the bubbly taste.  
Something changed in me when I read 
this article I think about the picture in the article (also shown to the right) every time I think about drinking a diet coke.  I don't believe everything I read about soda and what it can do to our bodies but I know in my heart it isn't good for me.

I have been finding other things to enjoy rather than soda.  My new love is sugar free tropical punch packets I add to my water and I am enjoying just pure water more these days as well.   It is a nice feeling!  I feel good about my decision every time I take a drink of my cold flavored or non flavored water.   It brings peace to me and lifts me up.

This is one change I have chosen to make...I have tried to make it before but I am having much more success this time.  Replacing the soda for something sweet has helped.    

I am also walking at night with two great friends.   I look forward to taking 40 minutes just for me and it doesn't really interfere with my family time.
I may not be dropping pounds as fast as I would like (and yes on my vacation I did gain back my 5 pounds I lost) but the weight is starting to come off again and I am changing the way I think about my food.
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  This quote says it doesn't matter what we did two minutes ago...if we want to make changes for a healthier life we can start right now...this moment and begin again.

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Kim said...

I know all too well about this. Without getting into the gross details, I'm having a problem due to soda and also need to quit it cold turkey.