Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Camden's Tonsillectomy Adventure.

After a school year filled with days and days and weeks of absences and tonsils so big they left only a small hole to breath and eat we went to the
Pediatric ENT. 
The doctor told us the tonsils and adenoids needed to go. 
So yesterday was the day! 
I took a few picture so Camden could remember his 4+ hour adventure at Primary Children's Hospital.

Camden meeting with the Child Life Specialist so he wouldn't be so anxious about the surgery.
He found out he would be asleep when the IV went in.  They give the younger kids sleeping gas and Camden was excited to pick his favorite candy flavor air.   After smelling a bunch of flavors he picked strawberry.

This is Camden after surgery....not right after but about 20 minutes or so after.  He was in alot of pain but the nurses were quick to solve the issue.   He really did great!

Four (or more) hours later we were on our way home.   He got to keep his yellow socks and the his special stuffed "buddy".  
He had a great experience thanks to caring staff and awesome doctors! 
I am so proud of this little guy!

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