Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I can finally share.....

Brad and I have been asked to serve as Co-Chairs of United For Adoption

Am I nervous????

Do I hope you will join us and help us make UFA completely awesome??
You better believe I do!!!

Brad and I have served in adoption in some way big or small for 13 years.
We love adoption, we love Birth Families, we love children and we love being part of this special group of people who have come together to help make and keep adoption a positive option and help support all who's lives have been touched by adoption!
Brad and I are not only parents through adoption but we were foster parents for 4 years and what you may not know is we are Birth Aunt and Uncle to a handsome little boy named Gabe!   We are part of a Birth Family and we are so blessed to have been touched by adoption in so many ways!

I hope you will join us and come and get involved. 
We need YOU!!!

Visit UFA's blog and website!  
Sign up to be a member while membership is free!
Also....we are looking forward to November where we will be holding our first UFA Conference!
Even if you are part of another adoption organization we would love to have you join us as well! 

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