Monday, September 16, 2013

Matching Mondays: Featuring sibling group of FIVE!

Today I am  featuring a sibling group of five.
Please take a moment and learn about each of these darling children.   Please share this post with your friends online! 
Danny age 10.
Happy and fun-loving Danny loves spending time with his siblings and friends. Jumping at any chance he gets to help others, Danny is a great listener and is quick to make friends. This funny and self-confident young man also relishes playing Pokemon and munching on candy. Danny always tries his best and works hard until any task is done. Danny is attending the fifth grade and is doing very well in school. This quick-learner enjoys his class and is very smart.

Nathaniel age 9.
Quick to follow directions or pull his nearest companion into a fun game, Nathaniel is one compassionate and caring kiddo. His happy, playful and friendly nature make sure that he is always surrounded by family, friends and playmates. Creative and outgoing, Nathaniel enjoys playing Pokemon and eating pizza, hamburgers and spaghetti. He describes himself as crazy and fun, and many others agree!
Nathaniel is attending the fourth grade and is doing very well. His teacher says he is a smart, quick kid who loves to learn!

Tristan age 7.
Outgoing and active, Tristan can get even the most stoic person moving and laughing! With his loving and social nature, Tristan enjoys playing and interacting with others. When he’s not hopping or moving around on his own, this great guy loves taking a ride on anything with wheels! He enjoys playing Bey Blades and Pokemon, and his favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza, and smores.
Tristan is attending the second grade and would benefit from an academically supportive environment. He currently benefits from an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).

Alisha age 5.
Sweet and outgoing, Alisha shows love and affection for everyone she meets! With a smile always on her face and a willingness to help out in any situation, Alisha maintains her role as a peacekeeper. She has a great talent for making friends and is incredibly creative, inventive and smart. This young lass loves to sing and count, and her favorite aspect of herself is her smile. Alisha is extremely excited to attend kindergarten! She would benefit from an academically supportive household.

Jamie age 2.
Jamie is a sweet, loving toddler who enjoys independent play as well as interacting with others. An early girly-girl, Jamie loves shoes and playing with baby dolls. This snugly little girl has an adorable smile and an infectious giggle. She has shown great interest in playing games on any electronic within reach.
Jamie isn’t in school yet, but this smart little one is very interested in learning games!

Alisha and Jamie are attending counseling, which would need to continue after placement. These loving kids are looking for a forever family who is patient and will show them lots of love and keep them and their three older brothers together.

You can inquire about these children by going to their profile page or you can contact The Utah Adoption Exchange by calling:  801.265.0444

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