Monday, June 23, 2014

My new love - Altra's Olympus shoe!

I posted this on Facebook today.  I am so excited for this new challenge!   I am looking for businesses who would be willing to sponsor my run and pay any sum per 13.1 miles I run in September.  All earnings will be donated to Hope For Fallen Leaves to go to some cuties in an Orphange located in  Monrovia, Liberia.  If you know of a business or even individuals who would like to sponsor me please leave me a comment or send me an email at cutefamilyof5 at gmail dot com.
My Facebook Post:
So on the 16th I bought a new pair of running shoes from the Draper SL running company story.   Thanks to awesome  John Gifford I tried the Altra brand.   Can we say...walking on clouds!   Love them!   But after a week walking and running and hiking in them my big toe on each foot was KILLING ME!  My new shoes were still new but dirty so I didn't think the store would take them back.   I walked into the SL running comp. Foothill location today and was met with a smile and tons of help from a great gal named Kim.   It turns out the reason my toes were hurting so much was that I was 2 sizes too small for these shoes. Altras I have to buy a 10!   LOL  They look more like an 81/2 but they felt soooo much better!   The dude that helped me in the other location checked me for toe space and said it was fine.....Kim checked me for toe space in the shoes I was bringing in and she instantly knew they were too small.   Hmmmm Foothill Location you have won me over!!!   I will travel for good customer service!  Oh and Kim introduced me to the Olympus....a cross over shoe build for trail running but great for open road as well.  I'm in love!!!! 

Training for this half marathon is officially on. ElkRun poster 2012 

Thanks Jan for the challenge...I have a partner and officially moving forward!
And thanks to Kim at Salt Lake Running Company Foothill are awesome!
My toes thank you too!

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