Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Watch this!"

If you were to come into our home for 1 hour there are two words you would undoubtedly hear more than once...."Watch this!" This is one of Camden's favorite phrases as of late. He loves to jump off of our cocktail table over and over again but he always tells us to watch him first. He loves to hear our "wow" or "ahh" but especially loves to see us clap for him. Camden is growing so fast and his vocabulary has exploded since we got rid of the binki (been binki free now for 3 weeks). Camden askes to use the bathroom, tells me when he wants a drink.. just to name a few. One of our favorite sayings is his answer to our question "Do you have a poopy diaper" to which he always repies "Not me!". Camden is very verbal and also very physical. He jumps off of everything, goes down slides head first or runs down with his feet, he loves to jump down 2 or 3 steps and enjoys tackling his sisters. The down side of this physical ability is the fact that he has turned into the nursery bully. While he is the same age as the other children (some are in fact older than he is) Camden is more advanced physically and verbally so he is more aggressive. So we are always working on sharing at our house but we realize he is too young to truly grasp the concept so we also work on being nice. What can we say...he is all boy!

Haley continues to be living in the world of princesses where she is usual Cinderella. If you ask Haley she will tell you that Cinderella is the most modest of the Disney princesses. Haley enjoys pointing out who is modest and who isn't...sometimes doing this loudly so everyone can hear...much to her Mother chagrin.

Haley also loves to pretend to be characters on a movie she is watching. She will say to me "Mom I am going to be Ro...who do you want to be?" (We were watching the "Island Princess") I am trying to soak up all the time I have left to have Haley all to myself. She will start school in the fall of this year and I really think I will cry the whole day. I enjoy having this little miss sunshine part of my whole day and I will have a hard time letting go....but I also know how ready Haley is for school and how excited she is so I am excited for her and her big girl adventures.

Brenley is growing into such a beautiful young lady. She has improved a great deal with her reading this year. She has a terrific teacher who took a whole new approach to reading with her students and Brenley really responded well. Brenley is now fully on target with her reading and expected to really just "take off" with it. She is doing very well in all of her subjects and enjoys learing new things. We have realized that Brenley has a passion for cooking/baking. She continues to love to watch cooking shows and loves to be allowed to bake or help with meals.

Brenley is looking forward to turning 8. She is excited about being baptized, getting her ears percied and having a special shopping trip with Mom. She talks about these things constantly and she feels July isn't coming fast enough. I have to admit I am excited about these things too and I am really enjoying having an almost 8 year old.

Brenley and Haley are both back in dance class and really loving it! We are hoping to put them into some other sports like soft ball and soccer this year. Brenley is taking Jazz dance class and Haley takes ballet.

Brad and I are still enjoying Families Supporting Adoption and are excited about the growth we are seeing. FSA now has a chapter in Japan and there is one in New Zealand and a few in Canada. Every year FSA holds a National Conference....but this year it will be the 1st International Conference for Adoptive couples and Birth Mothers. This is the first year it will include classes for Birth Families. We are so excited to be part of this effort! This year's conference will be held at the Davis Conference center up in Davis County on the 2nd friday and sat. of August. If you would like more information please let us know.

We are all looking forward to spring and counting down the days until the sun comes out to stay! We can't wait to get out in our yard and plant flowers and just enjoy the warm sun.

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