Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Update!

Well the ultrasound didn't happen on the day we thought it was going to. So I don't have any gender news yet. Shantel went to the doctor today and it sounds like Mom and baby are doing great! Stacey reported that the baby's heartbeat is strong. Of course I cried as usual. :) We are so excited to meet Shantel and Robert and feel so blessed that they feel good about us as a family for their special baby.
It looks like the baby is due August 23rd unless the ultrasound shows differently. The ultrasound is scheduled for May 6th so as soon as we hear something we will post the gender. Meanwhile I realized I could create a poll...so vote on what you think this baby is...Boy or Girl?
Regardless of the gender we are excited to welcome this baby and this special couple into our family!
I am continually in awe of how blessed we are to have adoption in our life!

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Leisha said...

I'm totally voting. For a boy. But obviously either way is fabulous. Congrats and we'll keep the birth family in our prayers.