Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scripture Time or is it all Monkey Business?

Our family has been reading the from the Book of Mormon since the first of this year. We are following a little suggested plan laid out in the Jan. Friend Magazine. So far is has worked so well and the kids have enjoyed it. However there are nights when we wonder if they hear any words that are read. Last night was one of those nights. Brad was reading, I was feeling baby A. and listening...and then there was the three monkey's. Brenley monkey was laying upside down on the couch and not paying attention and trying to show off. Then there was Haley monkey who couldn't get her cute little nose out of a advertisement brochure and those two monkey's couldn't keep quiet. Then there was the little Camden monkey. And he is probably the biggest monkey of them all. He was playing with his new football, running around throwing it in all the wrong places. As I was listening to Brad I also took a moment to take inventory of all that was happening and it made me laugh inside. As frustrating as it is to try and teach children who can't sit still....it was a sweet moment to see that we are a growing family. Everyone has their own ideas and thoughts about what they want to do. In the end the older two cute girl monkey's decided to listen and were quiet the rest of the time. The little 2 year old monkey...well he was still playing and being very loud but he is still very cute! I use monkey in this telling because sometimes I feel like we live in a zoo....thankfully we like the Zoo! I never in my wildest dreams thought we would be this blessed!


Elaine said...

This sounds very familiar to me. :)

Leisha said...

Hey Brenda. I linked to you through Arianne. Yay! I feel this way a lot around our house. Forget scripture time. It is an all day occurence. :-)