Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Driven to Exhaustion.

Oh the joy of a boy! As you can see Camden has become very proficient at opening the front door. I call him my little Spiderman. Living with Spiderman intails a new adventure every single day. Sometimes the adventure includes toothpaste all over the place. I am left wondering if it is in his mouth as well and because he isn't old enough for toothpaste I have had to call poison control. Sometimes I wonder if they are keeping a file on Camden.
Recently Camden decided he wanted to see what eggs would do when thrown on the hard basement floor. Oh yes....many many eggs all cracked. I am still trying to get it all off.
Today Camden decided to get into the big bag of rice. It was all over the pantry floor. He also decided to add powdered milk from our storage. What a great mess that was.! My son excels in great mess making. One thing is for sure he keeps us hoping! Camden's Aunt Tina bought him a shirt for his birthday that said "My parents are exhausted". OH how true that is!!!
Don't get me wrong....I love my sweet little boy and he makes me laugh all the time. But I truly am driven to exhaustion. :) Boys are busy!


Leisha said...

We know this all too well around our house too! The eggs completely ring a bell. We have resorted to egg beaters so they are disguised when Landon raids the fridge. Today our mess was coconut and sprinklers. All over. Added to the dog water and spread around the entire kitchen. I'm glad it's a boy thing and not just a Landon thing.

Rhonda said...

Hey Brenda,

I found your blog through Shana's. Remember me..Rhonda from the LDSadoption group. This post about your son made me laugh because we have been going through the same thing with Daniel. He is such a busy boy and into anything and everything every moment of the day. Life is crazy with him but so sweet too. Love seeing the pics of your family. HOpe you don't mind me peeking in.

Amanda said...

I have to agree, boys really are exhausting. Mine too loved to get into the dog water and open the fridge.