Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Camden Turns 2!

On April 17th our little boy turned 2. He has acted 2 for a while so it seems his age is just right. But if you ask Camden he will tell you he is 5.

We celebrated Camden by having family over for a BBQ. We were so happy that so many people could come and help us celebrate. We especially loved having Sam and her fiance and family over. We look forward to seeing them for this event!

Cam received lots of fun toys and cute clothes! I made his birthday cake (my first attempt at decorating a homemade cake so don't laugh). Camden loved his cake because it had a picture of Super Why! His favorite show!

Birthday's are always fun. I have included pictures. Enjoy!

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arianne said...

wow already two?? where does the time go? LOVE the cake you are SUPER MOM!!!