Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby Update.

Well I thought I was going to learn about the baby's gender today. But instead I learned that Robert and Shantel are reconsidering their decision. While this is sad for us we understand. Please pray for them that they may know what the right thing is to do for their family. We support them in whatever they decide. We would love to adopt this precious baby but we understand completely if they choose to parent.

So what does this mean for us? Well life will move forward. It always does. We have so much to be grateful for. We are also loving this opportunity to do foster care so we just move forward enjoying our family and enjoying baby A. Our life is too sweet to spend too much time feeling sad for ourselves.

*For those of you who have written referrals ...THANK YOU! For those who are still in the process of filling out the referral form please fill it out and send it in. That way they are done if they do decide to place the baby with us.*
Thank you for all your support!!!


Toad, Lizard & Squidney said...

We are sorry for the disappointing news, and hope the best for everyone involved.

Shanna said...

Aww, so sorry, Brenda. I'm glad you are keeping your head up. Give your little ones some extra hugs!

Leisha said...

We will keep everyone in our prayers. Adoption is such a roller coaster ride sometimes for everyone involved. Obviously such a hard decision for them. XOXOXO Hang in there. I know you always do.