Thursday, May 15, 2008

Final Word

We heard from Stacey today. The baby is a boy and Robert and Shantel have decided to parent. We want to wish them our very best and congratulate them. How exciting to add a boy to your family after 3 girls.

We are thankful to have the final decision and we are looking forward to what the Lord has planned for our family. Baby A. continues to keep us busy and we are enjoying every moment.

Thank You for ALL your support! We are blessed to have your friendship! Also a special thanks to Stacey for keeping us posted and letting us know the final word.

Isn't life just full of small adventures?


arianne said...

Brenda I am so sorry things didn't work out for you and your family. The Lord loves you!! We are praying for you and your family family. Adoption is AMAZING BUT SO hard all at the same time!!!

Mary Kate said...

Sorry it didn't work out for you Brenda. You are so wonderful and your love for these potential birthparents will stay with them for a long time.