Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Fun....NOT!

Today was one of those kinds of days where you find yourself grateful for things like, doctors, hospitals and last but not least....drugs! Brad developed a kidney stone and the attacks started this past Friday...but today was the worst and I found myself half ready for the day, grabbing keys, children and diaper bag to rush Brad to the ER. I have never seen anyone in so much pain! It was awful! Thankfully not long after our arrival Brad was given an IV and good meds to take away the pain. He was able to rest a bit. A few test later we were back at home where the battle to keep meds down began again.

Brad will be fine but it will take time to pass the stone. We are hoping for much sooner rather than later. Brad tells us he is working on giving birth to a stone. So even through the pain he is finding humor. I love that about him!

So if you happen to read this before you go to bed tonight please say a prayer for Brad. He is always helping others...this time he needs a little extra help.

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