Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Unexpectedly Expecting!

Were Expecting!!!
We got a very unexpected phone call from Brenley's Birth Mom a few weeks ago....there is a Special Couple who wants to place their baby (unknown gender) with us. Baby is due middle of July. This baby is Brenley's Birth Counsin.
We are very excited to have Robert and Shantel join our family of Birth Parents and we are so grateful they felt that we were the right family for their baby.
This is the kind of phone call all adoptive families dream of. Brenley and Haley are very excited and are already putting in their order for gender. We hope you will be happy along with us as we anticipate this baby's arrival! We also ask for prayers on behalf of this special couple and baby. It takes such incredible courage to make an adoption plan!
We will keep you posted!
Grateful for Miracles!


Amanda said...

YEAH!!!! How exciting. You guys are a wonderful family and great examples to us all!

Whitney said...

That is wonderful!!! I am so excited for you guys!

Leisha said...

So great! Kate was a wonderful unexpected phone call and what an amazing thing it is.