Thursday, May 29, 2008


As of tomorrow Brenley will no longer be a 2nd grader. She has had a fantastic year. Reading has gotten better and that has made everything else better. Brenley has really enjoyed school and loves her teacher. Friends have been a little harder. She is now at the age where boys want to play with boys and girls want to play with girls....except Brenley still wants to play with everyone. This has been hard on Brenley but she is adjusting. Brenley has also had some tough experiences with peers at school but is learning that it is ok to have a voice that is different than everyone else.
Last week the whole 2nd grade put on a dance festival. Brenley's class did an Italian dance. Skirts were even made for the occasion. It was so fun to watch.
This summer Brenley will be reading one chapter book a week and will be learning how to bake bread, do laundry and will do lots of playing!


Well Haley is back on 4 wheels instead of 2. She can ride without training wheels but is afraid to. So she is zooming around our street training wheels and all. Every moment of Haley's day is about playing. "Mom can I see if Kilyn can play?", "Mom I am going to see if McKinlee can play.". This goes on through all of her friends and I hear it all day. She LOVES playing with her friends. Haley is learning about not hitting and telling the truth. She is very dramatic so sometimes it takes a few tries to get the real story. Haley is very into clothes and make-up and how she looks. She has an incredible knack for accessorizing! We think Haley has a talent for making things look good together. We are however trying to get her focused on looking at the inside of herself and those around her... trying to help her understand that it is the beauty inside that truly counts. So if you see Haley please compliment her on her personality or a talent she has that you have witnessed.

This summer Haley will be learning to recognize her letters and numbers, learn her sounds, learn how to make smoothies, do laundry and have lots of fun playing of course.


Well where do I begin with our little super boy? I decided Camden is a little like Stitch in the movie "Lilo and Stitch". The part where he builds a pretend city and then destroys it....well that is pretty much Cam. The other part that reminds me of Cam is the end of the movie where Stitch shows how much he loves his family. Camden is the sweetest boy I have ever met. He is full of manners and loves to hug. So inside of that cute little tornado that sweeps our house each day is a big heart full of fun and love! I just don't know what I would do without him. I do know my day would be very boring!

Some time ago I posted about Camden taking off his poopy diaper (when I thought he was napping) and spread the poop all around his room and all over himself. Well since then this has been a regular occurrence. So much so that I finally had to keep him in zip up pj's for nap time. I pin the inside so he can't get them down. This has solved the painting with poop issues. Recently one day I thought I would see how he did without zip ups. Opps....he did it again..but this time as he puts it "Look Mom, I cleaned it up!". Sure enough...he found wipes in his room and he picked up the poop and put it back in the diaper. So there actually was minimal mess for me. Rather than scolding him....I saw the humor and saw my sweet little boy understanding that Mom hates the poop out of the he fixed it. We still do zip ups but that little experience helped me see that my little boy loves his Mommy!

This summer Camden will try to escape to the front yard every chance he gets....because that is what he is already doing. I think he is with his sister all safe so I take a shower. I get out and check and guess who is on his little bike across the street all the way down on his way to the park? Oh yes....little Camden. So what will Camden be doing all summer? Running away from Mom. I guess I can look on the bright side...running helps me lose weight!
This is what Camden does when he is past the point of needing a nap...he just sleeps wherever and whenever he needs. It is such a good thing that he still takes a nap! Goodnight Super Cam!

I just had to add to this post before I published it. As I was waiting for the the video to upload (unfortunately it didn't work) so I could publish I went up stairs to find a poopy mess. Not a terrible one but it wasn't fun either. As I was cleaning up I was wondering what Camden was doing and where he was sitting....I call him to come and he is fully dressed with underpants on and a clean bum. I was really surprised. It turns out that my little Haley had given him a bath in the sink and then dressed him. All of this had taken place in the few moments I sat here to type. She is such a cute little "mother" to her baby brother. It is moments like this I think ....we must be doing something right!


Little A. is growing so fast. She is now about 10 weeks old and is almost out of her 0-3 month clothes. A. loves to smile in the mornings...and I am so lucky because I get 99 % of the smiles. I can tell I am her favorite person and I LOVE that!!! It is so amazing to witness bonding taking place!

A. is now sleeping through the nights more and more! YEAH!!! I was a zombie for a many weeks so sleeping is very welcomed!

A. is still in the sleep, eat, poop mode..but she stays awake alot more and enjoys looking at her hands, toys but especially loves to talk to us. She is such a sweet baby that we all love very much!!!! I don't know what I am going to do when she leaves our family! I still wish with all my heart she was staying but I know that isn't happening so I enjoy all I can while she is here!


Kim said...

Hi Brenda, my name is Kim and I am a friend of Leisha's. We have met a few times through the agency. We too are fostering right now, and it is just heartbreaking and tearjerking. I have loved coming here to see your take on life, babies, foster care, failed placements and the we too are going through similar situations. My heart and prayers are with you!

arianne said...

oh you so need to talk to Leisha about the pooping. she can SO RELATE!!!! it totally must be a boy thing!! :)

your girls are looking So grown up. I just can't believe how big they are!!

Hey btw do you hear from Emily?? What is she up to???? I have tried emailing her a few times and never hear from her. Just wondering if you hear from her.

Rhonda said...

Brenda, it sounds like you have the exact version of my kids over in your house. Brenley is also like my oldest Emily. Haley sounds just like Julia which is also the middle and full of herself and her accessories. Camden is like Daniel our little man who is into anything and everything at all times. He's done the poop smear and since then we put his zip up jammies on backwards and it works perfectly. We haven't had a room decorating issue since over a year ago. I loved reading the update on all of your kiddos.
Rhonda (from the adoption group)

Leisha said...

Man, I know that I can always come here for a good laugh and to know that my little "arteest/tornado" isn't the only one. There has been, on more than one occassion, times that I have gone to get Landon and had to just take a step back, figure out the best method to clean up the mess (and yes, poop is often one of them) and just take a big deep breath before diving in. Ahhhh. They should be friends! :-) lol

I always love the updates on all of your kids. Such a great thing. They are all getting so big. Where does the time go?