Thursday, May 22, 2008

Way to Go Brenley!

Brenley came home all excited last week announcing she was student of the month. What a great way to end a school year! She was presented with the award by her Principal. Her teacher said a few words about Brenley. She said that Brenley is what 2nd grade is all about....learning and growing. Brenley has come very far this year with the help of her teacher. Brenley struggled with reading but is now reading chapter books everyday and loving it! We are amazed at her progress! Reading better has helped her do better in every subject and it has improved her self-esteem. It is amazing what can happen when a good teacher cares. It is also amazing what a 7 year old can accomplish when she puts her mind to it!

Brenley congratulations! You deserve it!!!

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Amanda said...

Go Brenley...Congrats!!