Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For Brad

I think I must have the best husband in the whole world. I realized I am kind of biased BUT! lol I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to my best friend!

Thank You for:

Working so hard to keep me home with the kids. You and I both see how this has blessed our life! Without being home bringing children to our family would have been harder to do. And we both see how it blesses their life each day.

Meeting me at doctors appointments. I don't know what I would do without you! Trying to take one of the children to the doctor with all the other kids is so hard and feels like a circus. Thank You for helping me by watching the other kids. I also appreciate more than you know when you take the kids while I see the doctor when I am sick etc. When you do this you say to me that I am important and worth the time. It also helps me remember that my health is just as important as the kids.

Taking Time off for FSA Functions. I LOVE serving on the FSA board with you!!! It has been something fun that is just me and you! I enjoy having a common passion and having someone to share this special part of me with! I think our service together has strengthened our marriage in so many ways!

Believing in and Supporting our Foster Care efforts. I am so blessed to have you understand foster care and how important this work is. Thank you for having such a soft and open heart to this and especially to baby A. You are a great Foster Dad!

Encouraging me. When I say I can't do it....you say I can. You helped me feel I can do anything!

Being happy with whatever I got done that day. I love the way you don't judge the laundry pile size, or the un-swept floor. You tell me how good the house looks and tell me it is ok that I didn't get upstairs cleaned for the weekend. When I am too hard on myself you are the soft voice that tells me it is ok to take a break once in a while.

Eating whatever is put on your plate. I am so grateful you are not a picky eater. Thank you for being happy with whatever I made for dinner....even when it is truly yucky!

Sticking with me. We have been through so much the past 14 years. Thank You for making infertility "our" issue instead of just mine. Thank you for continuing to love me even when I ask stupid questions about things I fear. And thank you for sticking with me through my "thick" and my thin days (especially since the thin days don't stay very long lol).

Loving me for me! I love that you love my curly brown hair instead of wishing my hair was straight and blond. I love that you love my singing voice and the cookies I make. I love that you think my feet are cute and my hands pretty. I love the love taps and hugs and kisses (and other things). I love that you love me!

Picking you for forever was the best thing I ever did!
I love you Brad!!! !


Leisha said...

So sweet. You two are so cute together and this post makes me think of all of the reasons I love my hubby too. Especially after I just spent five days in Chicago and he was flying solo. These are the things we need to document more often! :-)

Anonymous said...

that as a precious post brenda, I also enjoy catching up with your family! oh, and I added your link to my blog friends! ;0)

Amanda said...

Husbands are great...we couldn't make it without them.

Toad, Lizard & Squidney said...

You have been tagged, Check out our blog to view the rules. (make sure you get the correct tag, I was tagged twice)