Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life with Stitch

I love the movie "Lilo & Stitch". I love how Stitch does all these things wrong (along side Lilo) but in his heart he just wants to be loved and to love others....especially his family. I have mentioned this fact before in an earlier post....but I have found many similarities between Stitch and my little Camden. Camden is MY Stitch. Camden is so lovable and so fun but also very mischievous and loves to go from room to room making messes and destroying things. He keeps me very busy.

One thing I can say for Camden is that he is very determined. He loves to escape out the front door so we put a latch at the top so he can't get out without us knowing it. Well last Sunday we forgot to latch it and just when we think all is well and everyone is playing together...the door bell rings. We open the door to find Camden in the arms of one of our neighbors. She got a call from the lady one street over asking if she knew a little boy named Camden. Needless to say the latch on the door got checked and re-checked after that. I guess Camden decided he needed to get creative if he couldn't go out the door. So two days after the Sunday escape Camden pushed out the screen on our front window and climbed out the window. He had gotten over into the field near our house before I realized he was gone. My mind was at peace because I thought there was no way for him to run off....boy was I way wrong!

Camden also loves to take his diaper off. This has become a normal thing around our home. But what isn't normal is seeing my 2 year old standing in his window sill with no diaper on giving the neighbors something to talk about. I about died! And then I laughed and laughed about the adventures my little guy seems to take me on. If he ever becomes famous I have lots and lots of fun stories to share don't I!

Overall things have gotten a little better....or maybe I have just adjusted to it. :)
One thing I know for sure...I couldn't live without my adventures with Stitch!

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