Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eight is GREAT! she really 8?? Where or where did my baby go? We couldn't let this milestone birthday go without some celebrating.
(warning..picture overload!)
July 12, 2008
We started with a family party at Liberty Park where we enjoyed sitting under trees eating lunch. The kids enjoyed playing in the park..especially the water. We had cake and ice cream and Brenley opened her gifts. She wanted "anything High School Musical" and boy did she ever get it! Almost everything was HSM. She loved everything she recieved and I loved that many of the items were pieces of clothing (you is right around the corner). Brenley enjoys getting clothes these days so that is a nice perk for the parents! We appreciate all those loved ones who joined us in our celebration! I loved the fact that I could give Brenley's Birth Mom a hug and say "Thank You" in person!
Here are a few pictures from this event.
I made Brenley's cake and it turned out pretty cute! It may not be professional but it was made with lots of Love!

July 14, 2008
Brenley has been looking forward to this day for a couple of years. She knew that when she turned 8 years old she got a special day with Mom which included lunch and ear piercing. We got up and left around 10:00 AM. We didn't get home until around 7:00PM. We had a fun, busy day. This is what we did.....

We drove to Salt Lake and went to Gateway where our first stop was "Build-A-Bear Workshop". She picked out a pink cheetah she named "Jewels". She got to pick her sound, which is a lion type of "roar", she made a wish on her cheetah's heart and put it in before her animal was sewn up. She then got to take her animal over and give her a bath. After the bath she picked out an outfit and then we made the birth certificate. She then decided to pick a different outfit and chose pink pj's with slippers that come with fur. She even got to try them on before choosing them. This was a really fun experience and I am so glad it was me that got to take her!!
Then we went to "Claire's" to have her ear's pierced.

Brenley was nervous but very brave.
This is before.This is during...

After we were done at "Claire's" Brenley enjoyed showing off her new ears to her Aunt and Cousin who work at the Gateway. We then headed to lunch at the Lion House Pantry. After lunch we enjoyed the pretty flowers and gardens around the church office buildings and on Temple Square. We talked about the Gospel and other special things. It was a really fun day! Here are a few pictures we took.

I LOVED having this day with Brenley. After leaving temple square we went to Toys-R-Us for Brenley to spend her gift card Uncle Craig gave her. We then stopped and grabbed dinner and things for her friend party then headed home. We were both very tired when we got home but Brenley kept saying in the Van....."This was the best day of my life!".
Those were my exact feelings 8 years ago!

July 16, 2008
Brenley's Friend Birthday Party.
Brenley invited a few friends to join us for a movie and then back home for pizza, ice cream and cake. They all had a good time being out and about together!
Cake #2 Made with Love by Mom!

As you can see these few days were busy days for our family but after all of the gifts were unwrapped, candles blown out and party banners put away Brad and I will continue to celebrate Brenley every single day! I am one lucky Mom!

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Tanya Hermansen said...

HaPPY bIrTHdAy BRENLEY!!!! You are a beautiful young lady doing exactly what the Lord has asked of you, YOUR GETTING BAPTIZED. YIPPY!!!! That's so exciting for you and your family. Congrats on making such wonderful choices!!!

~Tanya~from lds yahoo group. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news.