Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why we love High School Musical.

I find it funny that I seem to enjoy those things my childen love. Sometimes it takes time to grow on me but I eventually fall in love with the same things they do.

Right now it is all about High School Musical. Yes it is really syrup-ee sweet but I love that it is clean. I compare this latest fad with that of my childhood..."Grease". I am so surprised my parents let me watch and listen to that movie. But I remember listening to the record over and over again and dancing my heart out with my friends. So even though HSM is cheesy......I love it and I love the music. My favorite part about it all is watching Brenley, Haley and Camden get all excited when I turn the CD on in the van and I totally love to watch Camden sing and dance to each song as we watch the dvd. Way too cute!

I LOVE being a Mom!!!


arianne said...

we LOVE HSM in our home too! Anika says her favorite is Sharpay.

Amanda said...

I hear ya! At our house The Wiggles is the rave. Even though it can be kind of anoying..I love to see the excitement on Isaac's face when they come on and how he dances to the music. Such joy these little ones bring.

TheVillamorFamily said...

We also love HSM here....although Miley Cyrus is starting to take over! I also love to watch Sophia dance when the music comes on....and I like the music too!