Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Special Day at the Zoo.

We always love the zoo but this past Saturday was a double the love. Stacey (Brenley's Birth Mom) invited us to attend her little girl's Birthday party. We met at the Sunnyside park for lunch and then headed up to the zoo. I am sure we were quite a sight. So many people and so many strollers and many little kids! We enjoyed getting to know Stacey and her family. We had only met Stacey, her hubby and little girl and at placement we got to meet Stacey's Mom and sister. But on Saturday we got to meet the other sweet people who have supported our Stacey and have sent sweet notes and gifts to us. I loved how comfortable it was to be around them. I felt they understood and accepted us as Brenley's parents. That was really important for us.

One thing I love about openness is the information and fun facts. One of my favorite facts is that Stacey's family is related to Elder L. Tom Perry. What a fun thing to know!

We had some fun conversations and enjoyed seeing all of these people that we have heard so much about. Here are a few pictures from the occasion!

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Amanda said...

it sounds like it was a wonderful day. That is so great that you got to meet with Brenley's Birthmom again. How wonderful!