Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Love!

I am in BLISS with our sweet little Baby A.!
She is full of smiles, coos and squeals!
A. can now...
drink 6 ounces each feeding,
eat fruit and veggie baby food,
eat cereal
and LOVES every bit of it!

A. sleeps through the night every night
naps at least 3 hours everyday.

She is the perfect baby!

We don't know where A. will end up permanently but we do know this...
no pain will ever match the joy she has brought
to our home, hearts and souls!

It is also through Baby A. that I finally understood something...
I may not be able to do what other women can...
I CAN DO what other women can't or choose not too...
I feel like I am good at it!
(no..I am not tooting my own horn or being conceded...
I am just feeling good about being me and finding/understanding my purpose in this life)

I am free from feeling like I am not a "real woman".

*Baby A. no matter where you go or
who you are will always been in my heart!

I am thankful God trusted me with you....
I am a better person because of you.
You taught me more about LOVE

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poohterbug said...

I have been stuggling with our case the last couple days and this is just what I needed to bring things back into prospective! Thanks!