Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Adventures with "Stitch".....potty time!

Guess who is using the toilet throughout the day?????
My little Stitch!!!
Camden is doing really well with the potty! I decided to start with big boy pants the week Haley started kindergarten. So we are on day three of underpants and Camden is doing great! I don't have to follow him around or anything...I think he was beyond ready for this step. He has had a couple of accidents but nothing really bad. I am hoping by next week the daytime accidents will have gone. I still put a diaper on him at nap time and bedtime but we take it right off when he wakes up.

I think back on all the days with Cam
painting poop
in his room and all of the
peeing anywhere

he wants and I am happy with his growth.
He still has a tendency to think he can pee where ever he wants (he peed in his sisters room yesterday) but from what I hear...
that is about being a boy.

*Side Note: Camden has recently decided he loves "Blues Clues" and "Bear in the Big Blue House". If any of you out there have video's or books you are trying to get rid of I would be happy to take them off your hands. He is also a "Thomas the Train" fan!

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