Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our great escape.

(July 21-27, 2008)
When life gets crazy and we need a breather we like to head north to the Smout Farm.
Nana & Papa got lots of laughs watching my kiddo's. Haley and Camden enjoyed playing in the irrigation water for about 3 days straight. It was one dirty week! On top of the fun muddy mess Haley and Brenley had way too many bug bites. Haley had about 15 mosquito bites all over her body. But that didn't stop her from enjoying the great outdoors. One great thing about playing hard all day....sleep comes easy. That was one big bonus during our visit!

We love going to my parents house and love all the yard space! Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us hang with you for a week! I bet you took a few good naps after we left! I wish I could have too.

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